The compendium of knowledge regarding the existence of human life and longevity of human life is known as Ayurveda. Where life is concerned, Ayurveda envisages human existence at the three levels namely spiritual, mental and physical levels. Where longevity is concerned, in addition to the above levels, the two interactive levels are considered namely the social and environmental levels. The two interactive levels are functionally assuming the stimulus organism response loop. So Ayurveda formulates human life on the basis of the above concerns.

The fluctuations in the biological rhythm with respect to the multitudes of psychosomatic activity and the increased decreased and -perverted activities of senses and physical body will result in diseases and the balanced activity of the above will result in health.

The biological rhythm and the psychosomatic activity have been manifested at micro and macro levels as Vata, Pitta, and Kapha in the physical level and Satwa, Rajas and Thamas in the mental level. So disturbance in the above will result in diseases and the balance will result in health. All Ayurvedic wellness and therapeutic prescriptions are focused on bringing the balance in the psychosomatic level.

The vedas and the upanishads are the early sources of medical information. The vedic - information’s are acceptable to the modern medical society because of its uniqueness in medical technology and holistic approach in human health and disease management.

Ayurveda is age-old Indian medical system and the only holistic system of healing ever known to the mankind. Ayurveda is the rich storehouse of time tested and effective therapeutic procedures and formulations for the treatment of several obstinate and otherwise incurable diseases. These specialized therapies and formulations, while curing diseases, strengthen the immune system in the body and thus help in the prevention of diseases and preservation and promotion of positive health.